5 Tips To Get The Perfect Halloween Party Picture

24 May

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays around the world as it transcends religion and nationality. It’s being celebrated by many different people all around the world. Younger ones go trick or treating, getting their hands on some sweet, sweet candy, while those older ones are more interested in getting completely hammered to the point where they don’t need a mask to look scary any more.

And as with everything else, social media have changed our view of the holiday. Taking photos is a must for both Facebook and Instagram, and people usually stress about making the perfect Halloween party picture.

5 Tips To Get The Perfect Halloween Party Picture

It doesn’t really matter if you’re out on the streets of Los Angeles, Paris or Shanghai, or if you’re in an apartment somewhere, taking quality photos is always equally hard. Here are a couple of tips you can use for that perfect pic:

Look Funny, not Creepy

Looking too creepy in these pictures will most likely have people thinking you’re a “try-hard”, more occupied about the looks than actually having fun. Try to look funny, add a couple of unexpected details to your costume and try not to take the whole thing to seriously.

Don’t have All Costumes Horror-related

If you’re going out with your friends, consult with them about the costumes first. The worst thing that can happen is that two or more people come masked as the same thing, and also it can be pretty lame if all costumes are horror-related. Try to have some funny, or even cheeky ones (dressing as the Little Red Riding Hood is a good start).

Stop Striking Poses

If you want to strike a pose, find a photo booth and do it there. If you’re out and about, or at a party somewhere, look casual. In a conversation with someone, or dancing your shoes off, make sure the photos don’t find you posing too often.

Find Proper Lighting

Lighting is as important as having a good camera, that’s for sure. That’s why I suggested going to a photo booth, as it has good lighting, and those bright LED lights from your smartphone won’t do you justice. There are a lot of photo booths in Los Angeles you can test before Halloween, too!

Get your Pets in on the Action

You can dress them up, but you don’t have to. Simply bringing your dog or any other animal to the party will make everyone want to take a photo with you and animals, being spontaneous as they are, will most definitely help you achieve your goal and get that perfect Halloween photo done.

If you’re still not pleased with the results, maybe it would be for the best to get yourself a professional photographer to do the dirty. You can take your friends to a studio, for example the Splendid Studio – http://www.splendidstudiobooth.com/, as these guys are dedicated to creating the perfect party picture. Or you can have the photographer come over and take a couple of quality shots, if needed.

However, if you can’t afford a professional photographer or don’t want anyone intruding the party, you can always visit their website to get some cool ideas on how to get that perfect shot.

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