British Art Goes Global

24 Jun

British Art Goes Global

British artists have been seeing major increases in the value of their artwork in recent years. That’s because art is becoming more of a global past-time. In decades past, many people would only see art from an artist who was local to then. These days, collections are exhibited all over the world. Art collections are growing in emerging markets, which is helping some art to rapidly appreciate. Exhibitions in faraway places like the Middle East and China introduce British art and artists to brand new markets.

British Art Goes Global

Geoffrey Key Gains Traction

The work of Geoffrey Key has become more popular in recent years as his art has been exhibited around the world. The sharp increase in value of the works of L.S. Lowry is pushing art collectors to learn more about the work of other artists of the Northern Art tradition. Lowry now has paintings selling for upwards of one million pounds. Those who think that his success could transfer to other artists of the same ilk will probably settle on Key at some point. Key is currently the most famous of the living artists of the tradition. People find that original art by Geoffrey Key from Artdecor gallery is something they want to add to their collections. Lowry died in 1976, which could explain part of the sharp rise in price. His inventory is limited.

Northern Art Continues to Thrive

When a Key pastel sold for over 8,000 pounds in 2013, it appeared that the market for Northern Art has strongly strengthened. His work is very original, and won’t likely be mistaken for others in his school. Key knew Lowry well during his lifetime, so it’s not too much of a stress to think he influenced him. Much of Northern Art involves examinations of normal life in England through artistic eyes. Much of Key’s work is similar. His paintings of daily life in business and industry have made him popular in many circles. That includes corporate art collections which have picked up many of his pieces. If Northern Art is poised for an even great expansion in prices, it seems likely that Key’s work would be a major beneficiary. For others, collecting this type of contemporary art is done for love. There are still many bargains that can be found if you scour through the art galleries.

Visit a gallery to see what you think of the work of Geoffrey Key. Pictures and words really don’t do justice for most art pieces. You need to see them in real life to understand more about how they make you feel. Art is the type of thing that gets in your blood and doesn’t leave. Once you start collecting, it’s doubtful you will stop. Contemporary artists have a unique style that is hard to miss. Check out the work of Key and others and see what you think of this very British art. It’s worth doing for just about everyone. Good luck and enjoy your dip into the world of art.

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