Embarrassing Situation: 5 Celebrities Who Went Off The Walls This Year

6 Jan

Celebrities are not immune to embarrassing situations, though they may wish to be. Whether it’s an embarrassing scene in a restaurant, a DUI in Kingman, AZ, or old home video, celebrities have their moments as well. Check out this top 5 list of celebrities who went off the wall in 2014.

Teresa Giudice Indicted for Fraud

Embarrassing Situation: 5 Celebrities Who Went Off The Walls This Year

The Real Housewives’ series showcases wealthy women, their lavish homes, and their enviable lifestyles. When the New Jersey series aired, Teresa Giudice never hesitated to blow her money on the finest furnishings and the most expensive clothing. In 2014, Teresa’s flashy lifestyle caught up with her and her husband when they were convicted of wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud. Giudice saw her opulent lifestyle come to a screeching halt, and she was sentenced to fifteen months in a federal prison. Reality television fans across the globe expressed little remorse for Giudice, and the consensus was that the sentence she received was exactly what she deserved.

Giudice famously blamed her lawyer, James Kridel, for mishandling her bankruptcy case and submitting faulty amendments. According to Knochel Law Offices PC and other sources, Giudice is now suing Kridel’s law firm and she is seeking $5 million in damages.

Bill Cosby’s Sex Abuse Scandal

Embarrassing Situation: 5 Celebrities Who Went Off The Walls This Year

Bill Cosby, everyone’s favorite television dad, was hit with a slew of sexual abuse allegations towards the tail end of 2014. The once lovable Dr. Huxtable from television’s ‘The Cosby Show’ was accused of drugging, raping, and sexually assaulting more than two dozen women. Most of the allegations have exceeded the statute of limitations, but the damage to Cosby’s reputation has been done.

Now, when you google his name, you are presented with a bevy of information about the sexual allegations. Cosby ended 2014 at the lowest point, and 2015 will probably prove to be equally disastrous.

Kim Kardashian Marries for the 3rd Time

Embarrassing Situation: 5 Celebrities Who Went Off The Walls This Year

Kim Kardashian added another notch to her belt in 2014 when she married rapper, Kanye West. The thrice-married reality television star subjected viewers to another round of wedding specials and re-enacted engagement footage on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Kardashian’s last marriage to NBA player, Kris Humphries, infamously ended after only 72 days of holy matrimony. Many people in the media placed bets on how long her marriage to West would last. The couple have now been together for almost nine months, which is an eternity in Kardashian’s world.

With current rumors hinting at the marriage being doomed, many believe that Kardashian will be filing for a third divorce soon. The couple spends more time apart than they do together. Gossip blogs also suspect that the couple does not share a home. Most people would feel some sort of embarrassment if they were constantly getting divorced and remarried on national television, but Kardashian seems to enjoy the negative attention that surrounds her failed relationships.

Justin Bieber Tells a Racist Joke

Embarrassing Situation: 5 Celebrities Who Went Off The Walls This Year

A six-year-old video of pop sensation, Justin Bieber, surfaced in 2014 showing the singer making a racist joke about black people. Bieber, well aware that someone was filming him at the time, used the “N” word in a tasteless joke, and laughed hysterically with his friends. Many celebrities in the Hip Hop world came to Bieber’s defense and brushed the incident off as Bieber being young and immature at the time.

Bieber has since apologized for his racist joke, but the incident is sure to follow him for many years to come.

Jay Z and Solange’s Rumble in the Elevator

Embarrassing Situation: 5 Celebrities Who Went Off The Walls This Year

It was completely shocking when a video surfaced in May of 2014, of Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, throwing jabs at her bother-in-law, Jay Z. The incident occurred in a New York elevator at an after-party for the Met Gala. Solange entered the elevator and immediately began to punch and kick Jay Z. Beyonce’s bodyguard had to stand between the two so that things wouldn’t get even more out of control.

Although Beyonce and Jay Z try to keep their personal lives a secret, the elevator incident was the first glimpse into the couple’s private life. Jay Z and Solange attempted to smooth things over by shopping for jewelry together just a few days after the incident occurred. Unfortunately, the damage has been done, and the elevator beat down will forever be engrained in pop culture’s history.

2014 was filled with so many off the wall stories about some of the world’s most famous celebrities. 2015 is sure to be as equally entertaining!

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