Flatter Your Father On This Father Day’s!

18 Jun

We know fathers do not like flowers like our mothers do, that’s why, do not be a terrible gift picker for your father. It could be a little complicated when it comes to gifting a man. But did you forget that we are always here to help you?

Flatter Your Father On This Father Day’s!

Firstly, decide the gift fast since his special day is just around the corner.

  • A bath kit: This includes, shaving gel with a body wash and musk. These three items are more than enough to make your dad to smile.
  • A tool box: Every father loves a good tool box. Usually fathers are the ones who repair things around the house and what better than a tool box for him?
  • Shirt and more: Don’t just pack one simple shirt for him; you can add maybe a wallet, belt or some other accessory that goes with the shirt.
  • Perfumes: Yes, everybody loves good perfumes. If you know his choice of brand then you could purchase a set of that otherwise something he would like. A pack of deodorant and perfume together is a better option than a simple perfume bottle.
  • Some fuel: This sounds weird but you could actually spend some money and get his car tanked up with some fuel. This is only for the kids who can drive.
  • Personalised items: A personalised fancy pen or else beer mugs or cups, anything of these three are good options when personalising gifts for men. You can also personalise labels of liquor bottles. Cool, right?
  • The suit kit: We are not suggesting you buy him a suit but you can buy the rest of the things that go with it. For example, a matched up tie, cufflinks, a roller (to clean the suit or blazer), tie pin or clips.
  • A certificate: If your budget is less then you can buy a best dad certificate for him. You can find these at many places. You can even personalise it and add some quotes of your own around the certificate. It might not be the best gift but it is adorable.
  • Watch: Men might be selective when it comes to jewels but they love amazing watches. A watch box, watch, the cleaner and good packing is all you need to surprise him.
  • Other gifts: You can also combine some of your gifts and make a basket. Get the hampers delivered easily now. This category includes, a cake, shoes (if it fits the bill ), take him for dinner, his favourite liquor bottle, any gadgets that he likes or wants (again, if it fits your budget), a bar set, Swiss knife, A book of your memories of him – this can be also made in different ways like you could write down some messages and quotes for him, and the list goes on.

It is not necessary that you have to go over the top for the gifts, your parents will always appreciate the effort you have put in making it. So do not worry too much!

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