Kim Kardashian gets sand rubbed by assistants during photoshoot

29 Jul

It’s a hard employment yet somebody need to do it, we assume.

As we since a long time ago suspected, Kim Kardashian really has men available recently to keep an eye on the needs of her popular back.

The fact of the matter was uncovered amid the most recent scene of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when two male aides were trained to rub sand into her exquisite gluteus maximus.

Kardashian-watchers will most likely recall these hot shoreline bum shots from April in the not so distant future, taken for a photograph shoot while Kim was in Thailand.

Kim Kardashian gets sand rubbed by assistants during photoshoot

That being said, now KUWTK viewers have been dealt with to an in the background sight at what goes into getting the popular cash producer prepared for its nearby up.

In the cut from the demonstrate to, Kim, who knows industry standards to keep her army of fans content, requests more sand to sex-up the shoreline shots, letting one know male right hand: ‘Get the sand on my ass!’ Well, on the off chance that you demand.

The partner joyfully helps, first showering her butt-cheeks with water before snatching scoops of sand and rubbing it in. He was soon joined by an alternate energetic volunteer.

Sincerely, where are the unions when you require them?

Kim then tried for a couple of exemplary ‘moving around in the surf looking hot however completely characteristic’ postures before throwing in the towel.

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