Top Movies Every Animal Lover Should Watch

4 Aug

There are two kinds of people who cry in the movies- those who cry during romantic movies when the protagonists separate ways or one of them ends up dying/ having an accident/ moving on to someone else. And then there are those who don’t quite care about the gooey romantic stuff but their floodgates open if a dog dies or an elephant is caged or if some inhumane experiments are being conducted on dolphins!

If you’re in the second category, you’re a true blue animal lover and just the sheer cuteness of a puppy or the soft purring of a cat is enough to melt your heart! Well, being an animal lover, here are a few movies you absolutely must watch (and keep a box of tissues close by because things are going to get real ugly):

Free Willy

If there is one movie that defines friendship and companionship-it’s this movie! The movie revolves around an orca Willy who gets caught and is forcefully held in an amusement part. There he strikes an unlikely friendship with a young boy Jesse and they soon become bffs because Jesse can sympathise and empathise with Willy’s captivity. The movie soon turns into a crazy heist of rescuing Willy and setting him free. It breaks your heart when Jesse has to say his goodbyes but the movie will surely melt your heart!

Top Movies Every Animal Lover Should Watch

Marley and Me

This movie will tear you up whether you’re a dog lover or not. The movie is a sweet tale about a couple who decide to get a pup in their lives and how it changes everything. Owning a dog is never easy and it’s as good as having a baby but the sheer joy of having him greet you with excitement and hug you and wag his tail at you will cheer you up even on your worst day! The movie ends with an endearing message that dogs don’t need a fancy house or big cars, all they need is love and they’ll give you their heart and soul in return. This is a must watch movie for everyone, no matter what your age!

Top Movies Every Animal Lover Should Watch

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Dunston Checks In

This is an endearing movie about an orang-utan who’s a master thief but is now looking for a clean chit and wants to quit his criminal activities. The movie unfolds in a hotel where he’s been brought to carry out a grand heist and the events that follow will surely take you on an emotional roller coaster. You’ll have your ribs tickled and will surely shed a few tears here and there too as your heart goes out to the goofy orang-utan and his cute antics.

Top Movies Every Animal Lover Should Watch

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

If there is one animal which stands the test of loyalty and proves his companionship, it has got to be a dog hands down. Hachi is an endearing tale of a dog who proves loyalty knows no bounds and continues to wait for his owner to “play fetch” with him even if ten years have passed. It shows that for a dog, an owner is irreplaceable and he will never accept another home and another owner and till his last breath will remain loyal and faithful. The movie is going to move you to tears so be ready with a good amount of tissues.

Top Movies Every Animal Lover Should Watch

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Dr. Dolittle Series

If you’re Eddie Murphy and have the ability to talk to and understand animals, then you’ve made a movie everyone needs to watch. This is another great movie that has less of tears but has its own endearing ways of making you smile and laugh and look at animals in a whole new light if you begin to understand how they think and feel. Dr. Dolittle is a great movie for any occasion and it certainly makes a must watch that is a great for every animal lover for sure!

Top Movies Every Animal Lover Should Watch

Life would be incomplete without our furry companions and if you don’t have a pet, you always have these lovely, heart melting movies to make your day an brighten you up for sure!

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